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Drone Filming by AMD Studios

Aerial video. Creates a truly unique perspective on your video production. Fully licensed drone operators capture video from the skies to take your production to new heights.

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Aerial Videography

Our professional aerial videography uses state-of-the-art drones for a variety of video production projects. Drones have brought a new dimension to aerial filming with their capabilities increasing rapidly. We typically operate with two or three person crew; the pilot, the drone camera operator and often the tech assistant.

We are a highly creative team. filming from the air gives you an incredible range of artistic freedom.

Our Drone Filming Services

Drone filming for adverts
Drone filming for events
Live streaming drone filming
Drone video for websites
Drone tourism videos
Drone site surveys
Drone inspections
Indoor drone filming
Drone operator hire
Commercial Showreel
By AMD Studios

Drone Filming Considerations

Aerial filming can really add something new and unique to your video project. Are you looking to promote something that lends itself to aerial filming? Buildings, natural landscapes, large structures and sports often look great filmed from a drone.

If you are considering drone filming but you are confused or concerned by the sheer number of drone operators and assessing their competence? AMD Studios are fully qualified, certified and insured drone operators with a lot of commercial experience.

Safety First

Our pilots are fully licensed and compliant with the UK laws involving the commercial operation of Umanned Aircraft Systems. These are drones not exceeding 25kg.

We take drone safety seriously.

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Optional Extras Worth Exploring

Drone Photography?

We also do aerial photography. How great is that? Compliment your commercial drone filming with professional drone photography by AMD Studios.

Create a seamless look and feel for all of your digital media. Please get in touch with us for more information. We would love to hear from you.

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Second Shooter

Large projects can benefit from a second shooter camera operator. Fly a drone and utilise a ground based camera team to ensure all aspects of your business portfolio can be captured in a single shoot. Especially when parts of your business run simultaneously or you simply have lots of detail you want captured. A second shooter camera operator is part of our professional team, so you're guaranteed the same level of great content.

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Live Streaming

Share your business live from our drones. The perfect solution for broadcasting aerial filming. We can deliver live video streaming direct from our commercial drones to a range of online platforms including Vimeo, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Add remote interaction to your business with live streaming.

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Crew Hire

Got your own production kit? Commission our trained drone pilots and drone camera operators, incorporate them into your production.

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Contact Us

To discuss your drone aerial filming in more detail please do get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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